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Salt City Candles

Remember our candles are superior to other bran
Combination of paraffin and soy wax for cleaner burn
Intense, long lasting fragrance to fill your home or office
Zinc core wick that burns evenly from top to bottom.
Salt City Open House
Now is the time to book an open house event at your home or
office.  This is a stress free party!  There is no demonstration, I
simply show up and set up candles and allow your guests to open
up candles at their leisure.  They can buy candles that I bring or
order different sizes and scents.
Salt City Candle Distributors
Salt City limits distributorship based on population in the area.  
So you don't have to worry about another distributor being
close to you! Call us or email us to get specific information
about the distributor nearest you.
Salt City Candle Connection
How to get your Candles?!?
We are located in Parker, Colorado.  You can call or email me to
place your order.
303 840 0710 Set up an appointment to smell
all 64 scents or just grab your favorites and go!    
we are limited to local pick up.  You can call Salt City directly if
you are in another state or cannot come to get your candles.
Salt City Candle Connection on Facebook